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4 Forces that Drive Disengagement


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Disengagement is a challenge many dealers face. We have identified 4 forces that cause disconnect among associates and an organization.  

Job Fit

How well an employee is suited for his or her position. Hiring employees who are the best fit for their positions is a great way for an organization to decrease turnover (both voluntary and involuntary) and to improve employee retention rates. Additionally, current associates in a particular department might be a better fit somewhere else within the dealership. Considering the associate’s skills, goals, and experience is crucial. 

Management Style

Day-to-day, managers must make decisions, plan and organize work, and prioritize company goals. Their management style is the unique way that they go about these objectives.  


The way a team works, interacts, and comes together to accomplish a set goal is vital to the health of your dealership. Each team has its own unique personality and dynamics.   

Culture Dynamics

How a company’s culture is formed, maintained, and transformed over time. Usually, an organization with a strong culture dynamic experiences a lower rate of turnover among associates.  

 Luckily, the four forces that drive disengagement can also boost engagement when used positively. While eliminating turnover will never be a reality for most dealers, by identifying and using these four factors within your dealership, you can certainly help to improve it.

How to Optimize Your Talent: Four Factors to Drive Success

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