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Maximize Your Dealership's
Profitability Potential and Financial Growth

When choosing a profit participation program, it is important to select the option that best aligns with your goals.

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JM&A Group is committed to empowering dealerships to accelerate growth

Improve profitability, performance and build a thriving business for years to come.

A Legacy of Proven Results

Our history isn't just about our longevity; it's a demonstration of consistent results, setting benchmarks in dealership performance.

Adapting Expertise to Modern Challenges

Combining our deep-rooted legacy and industry knowledge with current trends, we ensure you're always a step ahead in the ever-evolving dealership landscape.

Partnership Over Transaction

Prioritizing lasting partnerships over brief transactions, our success is intertwined with yours. Together, we're committed to forging a brighter future.



Our Strategic Approach

With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and a clear vision of tomorrow's dealership landscape, our ability to evolve and adapt ensures our partners are always primed for success.

Drive revenue with tailored F&I solutions

Create results where they matter most and establish a flexible approach with the support of dedicated experts.

  • Innovate and adapt to changes in the marketplace
  • Enhance your sales performance, increasing your revenue
  • Ensure accountability and compliance best practices

Enhance performance through strategic partnerships and impactful training

Balance customer expectations, sales and service goals while managing a top-performing team.

  • Streamline processes for growth and efficiency
  • Boost team skills, retention and accountability
  • Synchronize business objectives with customer needs
Crush your objective

Build skills, gain confidence and advance your career with targeted training

Access the knowledge and best practice approaches that will empower you to take your career to the next level.

  • Proven techniques to effectively produce results
  • Participate in industry-leading certification programs
  • Flexible course delivery options to meet your needs

Our customers see real results


YOY PVR Increase

YOY PPD Increase

Lindsay Automotive Increases PVR by 12% with Virtual F&I

The nine-store dealer group takes a step-by-step, tailored approach to support a modern sales process in a new virtual space.


More than 100% PVR

VSC penetration more than doubled nearing 70%

Halleen Kia Unlocks Powerful F&I Sales Growth

By focusing on culture and processes, Halleen Kia established an enduring pattern of continuous F&I improvement.


Employees Aligned

Workers ideally Suited to their Jobs

Hubert Vester Auto Group Leverages Personality Data to Align Employees

By incorporating new tools and methodologies into their hiring and team management processes, the Vester group reduced turnover and increased performance.

Dealers love working with JM&A Group

“When you find yourself in the position to switch F&I providers, we selected JM&A because of the partnership they stood for. Their primary goal is to make us successful."

"When we brought JM&A in, we were able to consolidate all of our processes in every store. Our playbooks are driven by JM&A's processes, and we do everything in a centralized, organized way. The results speak for themselves."

"When I think about our F&I provider, I think about consistency, integrity, drive, and helping us achieve the goals we have. I can tell you that I would never consider leaving JM&A. The people in our stores and the value they create means so much to me. They've earned the respect of every single person in our stores.”

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