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Understanding and Maximizing Profit Participation Programs in Your Dealership

Maximize your dealership's profitability potential and financial growth with the participation program that fits your needs.

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A Partnership Approach to Dealer Profitability

As your business expands, your profit participation program needs to align with your current strategic goals.

The same applies to those engaged as your partner, who should be vested in boosting your dealership profits and demonstrate proven expertise to enhance dealership wealth.

Let's Talk Growth
Let's Talk Growth
Key characteristics to look for include:
checkmark No hidden fees ever — only a fair, flat admin fee based on your structure
checkmark Willingness to tailor program offerings to your dealership specifically
checkmark Claim reserves management to maximize portfolios and profitability potential
checkmark Commissions and incentives programs to motivate performance
checkmark Complete transparency into all the details of your program(s)
A Partnership Approach to Dealer Profitability

Different Types of Profit Participation Programs

There are dozens of different profit participation programs available for automotive dealers, and they can vary widely on the metrics of risk, reward, and cost.

Non-Participating Programs

Programs that are typically controlled by your provider, which means little or no complexity for you and less control over earnings, fees, etc.

Participating Programs

Programs that allow you to earn a percentage of underwriting profits from a program’s provider, which means you assume more of the complexity. Still, you also gain more control over the revenue.

Profit Participation Plans - Levels of Complexity
Profit Participation Plans - Levels of Complexity

Which profit participation program fits your dealership best?

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Select the Participation Program That’s Right for Your Dealership

When choosing a participation program, it is important to select the program that best aligns with your strategic goals.

Retrospective Program for Ensuring a Steady Income

A simple and adaptable profit participation program that provides predictable earnings.

  • Turnkey with no set-up or capital required
  • Actively managed investment portfolio
  • Participate in underwriting and investment income with low to no downside risk
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Retrospective Programs

Maximize Financial Control & Amplify Tax Benefits with Reinsurance

Tailored plans for participation programs to meet your dealership’s goals, generating profits and leveraging tax benefits for further financial growth.

  • Enhance operational focus
  • Improve financial performance
  • Gain tax efficiency
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6 Pillars of Claims & Reinsurance

Achieve Complete Control with a Dealer Owned Warranty Company

Maximize dealership growth and profitability with a branded F&I solution.

  • Accelerate business expansion
  • Tailor plans for diverse needs
  • Increase profit retention
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Dealer Owned Warranty Corporation

Our dealer partners experience real growth

"JM&A brings in F&I leaders to help show us the performance we can get out of the store, and we call them all the time. They are in our stores all the time, and we constantly talk about where we can get better. It's a strong relationship, with two fantastic cultures, and that allows us to do what we do well."

"My decision to partner with JM&A was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It all comes down to the people, the quality interaction and partnership we have is unprecedented in the industry."

How JM&A Group Brings Value Through Profit Participation

Solutions for your F&I and profit participation needs are the “peace of mind” that come with having a knowledgeable and transparent partner that wants to see you and your dealership succeed.

JM&A constantly measures opportunity, risks, pricing, and loss trends to equip you with the tools needed to understand your performance and make data‐driven decisions for long‐term profitability and success.

How JM&A Group Brings Value Through Profit Participation

Are you increasing profitability and dealer growth with the right participation program?

Let’s talk about maximizing your dealership wealth with the right profit participation program for you and your team.

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