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Drawing from our extensive experience in the automotive industry, we offer custom-tailored, innovative, effective, and sustainable dealership consulting services.
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Our Experience is Your Advantage

Our proven track record of enhancing dealership performance and profitability revolves around our customer-centric approach and commitment to providing you with time-tested and value-based solutions.

With 45 years of experience, our customized solutions and industry insights empower you to accelerate growth, improve profitability, and build a thriving dealership for years to come.

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Drive Success Now
Transform your operations with a partner who can help you:
checkmark Streamline your processes, reduce costs, and comply with regulations
checkmark Build high-performing teams and foster a culture of innovation and success
checkmark Master the nuances of risk management and insurance
checkmark Enhance performance and customer satisfaction

What Real Dealers Are Saying

“There are many vendors that make promises they can’t keep. JM&A has continued to keep its promises by helping to grow our sales business while providing wonderful support and training. We have been a partner for 12 years and have experienced positive growth in every one of those years.”

Harry Brener Jr.

“With the help of JM&A Group’s Fidelity Insurance Agency, we were able to design a plan that increased employee enrollment from 45% eligible to 70%.”

Aaron Showalter

“JM&A fixed operations consulting was instrumental in growing the fixed operations at all three of our Kia stores. A critical success factor was JM&A’s ability to engage our service team in the improvement efforts.”

Kevin Simmons
Thumbnail-img-case-study-reynolds-gm-subaru-index-thumbnail 1


How Reynolds GM Subaru Leveled Up its People Management

JM&A Group helped Reynolds GM begin a new chapter for the dealership's already solid personnel management operations.


Our Core Dealership Consulting Offerings

JM&A has over 700 associates who are focused on your success, with decades of combined experience in all aspects of the industry. We are committed to helping your dealership sell more, sell faster and improve your customer experience.

Operational Efficiency
Close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be to achieve your goals and grow your business. We deliver expert, modern retailing consulting in flexible agreements to fit your business.
Talent Management & Development
With the right team in place, your dealership can accomplish anything. Let us help you build a thriving, high-performing team with our scientifically-backed approach.
Risk Management
Ensure your peace of mind and a rock-solid foundation for success by managing risk strategically with guidance from a team trusted by nearly 4,000 dealerships of all sizes nationwide.
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Uncover Fixed Operations Excellence

Our fixed ops consulting is designed to help your dealership boost revenue, optimize your processes, and set new records for fixed ops performance through an outstanding customer experience.

We’ll help your dealership implement the latest trends and best practices to save time, reduce costs and paperwork, and build customer loyalty.

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Be Confident in your Compliance

From FTC rules to anti-harassment policies, F&I regulations, sales governance, and more, dealerships face a multitude of compliance concerns. 

We’ll help you identify potential areas of liability to minimize your exposure, ensure that your staff is fully equipped to comply with regulations, and offer ongoing support as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of risk management.

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Cultivate & Grow your Team

Our Talent Management services ensure your teams stay engaged, motivated and highly skilled in customer engagement, sales tactics, and delivering exceptional service.

We’ll help your dealership optimize your talent pipeline to recruit, develop, and retain the strongest team using science-based Predictive Index (PI) tools, leadership development programs, performance management coaching, and more.

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Manage Risk & Insurance

Ensure that you have the coverage you need to operate your business with confidence. 

From garage liability insurance to employee benefits, we’ll help you build customized, comprehensive solutions that offer the best value for your dealership.

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Our dealer partners are evolving their businesses and experiencing growth with the help of our valuable resources.
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