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Drive performance with advanced talent management solutions

Our automotive talent management services will help you create, grow, and retain your dealership team through a science-based program.

Elevate Your Team
Talent Services

Attract better candidates to join and stay on your team

Developing your people and processes is the key to achieving real results, both today and in the future — but how do you make the time to build an effective automotive talent program that lasts?

Turnover expenses can be painful. That's why we've built the industry's first science-based approach to increase employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and drive long-term team performance.

Elevate Your Team


Experience a talent optimization program designed for car people

Get the process to hiring the perfect candidate

Imagine having the knowledge, skills and practices in place to make the right hire every time. With the right talent strategy, you can save your managers up to three hours per week in filling your vacant spots faster and more efficiently.

Grow your team with personalized coaching

No team is the same. That’s why customized, ongoing support is the hallmark of our program. We’ll be your guide to optimizing your talent through hiring, onboarding, teambuilding, and development.

Increase associate retention by up to 50%

Turnover is one of the foremost challenges for dealerships everywhere. We’ve done the research and created the solution to save you money and keep your top performers.

Achieve long-term stability at your dealership

Talent Acquisition

Don't settle for dealership associates that aren't the perfect fit. We'll work with your entire team to analyze, select, and grow the right candidates to fit your needs. Our approach includes processes to:

  • Build your talent bench
  • Create automotive-driven job targets
  • Reduce hiring time by 20 days
  • Support your rooftop acquisitions
talent acquisition

Talent Development & Retention

Once you've filled your vacant spot, building that talent to succeed is vital. Proactively help your associates win with a custom-tailored program that will:

  • Drive ROI with data-based insights
  • Create leaders with long-term programs
  • Build a culture with training workshops
  • Enhance their development with 1-1 coaching
Talent development and retention

Dealership growth resources

Automotive is evolving faster than ever before, and our learning library is here to help.

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Trusted Partners for Dealership Success

“They help in all regards, not just training but in finding the right plans that both excite but push everyone sales and F&I managers to succeed, you can't ask for much more than that.”

Phil Marshall

“There are many vendors that make promises they can't keep. JM&A has continued to keep its promises by helping to grow our sales business while providing wonderful support and training. We have been a partner for 12 years and have experienced positive growth in every one of those years.”

Harry Brener Jr

“JM&A has always been there for us. The training and support are first class. The staff at JM&A have the same goals and values as our organization. Take the time and listen to what they offer. You will be glad you did.”

Jay Wyatt

Develop a Top-performing Team

Building a winning team involves multiple layers. Our experts design growth strategies tailored to your dealership's goals, providing long-term benefits. Attract and retain top talent while creating a robust talent strategy, ensuring your dealership has a strong bench of talent to avoid skill gaps and maintain high performance.
Elevate Your Team