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Auto Dealership Compliance Solutions

Establish consistent processes, build customer loyalty and safeguard your business and data with the support of a trusted partner with services spanning all areas of the dealership, including state-specific certifications for your teams.

Protect Your Dealership

JM&A Group’s Automotive Compliance Knowledge

The liabilities and regulations facing dealerships are expanding, and staying in compliance is an ongoing effort. Having a partner to provide guidance, review your operations and offer training can help put your mind at ease and equip your team to remain in compliance and effectively manage risk.

With 45+ years of experience and locally based dealership professionals nationwide, we deliver a complete solution that our dealer partners count on to help them protect their reputation while delivering stellar customer experiences.

Protect Your Dealership
JM&A Group's 45+ Years of Automotive Experience

Trusted by nearly 4,000 dealerships of all sizes nationwide


Our Approach to Dealer Compliance

At JM&A Group, we know that dealer compliance solutions are about more than laws and regulations. It’s about protecting your business while also improving dealership profitability and building customer loyalty.

Strategic Solutions

We align resources, processes and technology within your dealership to improve your operations and help ensure automotive compliance, including services to help dealers gain compliance under the FTC Safeguards Rule.

Job-specific, Holistic Services

Auto dealer compliance is necessary in every department from F&I to the service drive and the back office to the executive office. That’s why we offer personalized learning paths and services including deal reviews, HR training, policy documents, data security and more.

Packaged & Custom Programs

With our ready-made solutions, you can select the services you need, or we’ll work with you to implement a custom program for your dealership. With a mix of instructor-led, hybrid and self-paced options, you can find a solution that works for you.

Protect Your Dealership

Why Dealer Compliance Matters

Knowing the rules and regulations that impact your dealership is crucial to protect yourself from potential risks and penalties. Car dealership laws are as diverse as the states and regions they operate in, which is why it’s necessary to have a partner that is accountable to your success in addition to local legal counsel to advise you on the specific rules in effect where you have business operations.

At a national level, government organizations work to protect consumers and regulate businesses, including the FTC dealership rules, which require specific levels of training and compliance.

Compliance Solutions for Your Entire Dealership
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8 Important Dealership Regulations


8 Important Dealership Regulations - How to Protect Yourself and Your Customers

Understanding Dealership Regulations is vital to protecting your organization and customers. Learn about the various regulations and how they affect you.


Risk Management and Dealer
Safeguard Solutions

There are two sides to managing risk at your dealership, and both play a part in protecting your assets and your reputation – insurance and compliance. When approached comprehensively, both are critical to your success.

Dealership Risk Management

Having insurance coverage for your dealership, including garage liability, property insurance and hazard coverage helps control loss. These preventative measures and specialized programs specifically for auto dealers help meet your coverage needs to protect against the “what-ifs” of business operations

Protect Your Dealership
Dealership Risk Management

Compliance Training that Fits Your Needs

Help protect your dealership and mitigate risk with comprehensive training and compliance certification for your teams. As guidelines and laws evolve, there are liabilities every dealership needs to be aware of and best practices to implement.

Instructor-led, online and hybrid training on topics like legal and ethical standards, the FTC Safeguards Rule and other dealership requirements can help guard against potential legal action and lost profits.

Protect Your Dealership
Compliance Training that Fits Your Needs

Finding a Dealership Compliance Partner

Compliance is much more than surface-level, and trusting someone with your dealership’s reputation is a big deal. The foundation of all our dealer partnerships is the relationship we build from day one and work to consistently grow and sustain.

As an extension of your team, our consultants will work to help provide guidance and direction to your teams, conduct show-me deals to train your teams and complete reviews of recent deals to help ensure your processes are compliant in the service drive, F&I office and beyond.

Finding a Dealership Compliance Partner

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Protect Your Dealership

JM&A Group cannot provide legal advice regarding regulatory requirements. Please consult your dealer counsel for specific regulatory concerns.