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Expert F&I and Car Sales Training for Auto Dealerships

Elevate your dealership's performance with our comprehensive and tailored training solutions.

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Custom dealership training that fits your needs

JM&A Group Consulting Solutions offers over 30 courses in 5 topics that can be tailored to each dealership's needs. These courses cover all levels and departments in a dealership, including leadership, compliance, service, sales, and F&I.

Results-oriented partners

An important trait in a training and employee education partner is being results oriented. Every dealership faces unique sales conditions, customer preferences and objectives based on its size, location, OEM affiliation and more.

Flexible training programs

JM&A Group's experienced team works with dealership leaders to ensure your bespoke training program consists of relevant courses for your unique situation. Every dealership has different needs, your training program should be flexible enough to meet them all.

Business goals aligned

Whether you're trying to consolidate your position in a local market, build margins on fixed operations products, take a new approach to financing and insurance sales, your business objectives set the agenda for the training program we design.

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Are you ready to start training? Look no further than our open-enrollment courses! Taught by industry experts who have real-world automotive experience, so you can trust that you're getting the best education possible. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain the skills you need to excel in the automotive industry.

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What dealers are saying

“Our JM&A guys trip over themselves working to make our staff better and to exceed. They help in all regards, not just training but in finding the right plans that both excite but push sales and F&I managers to succeed, you can't ask for much more than that.”

Phil Marshall

“JM&A has always been there for us. The training and support are first class. The staff at JM&A have the same goals and values as our organization. Take the time and listen to what they offer. You will be glad you did.”

Jay Wyatt

F&I Training

From cutting-edge virtual F&I solutions to general sales skills, JM&A Group course offerings can help your teams’ skills evolve with the industry. Employees will learn to maximize revenue on each deal while providing an experience that boosts customer satisfaction.

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In-person f&i training session with the dealership employees

Sales Training

Today’s customers prefer convenient, self-guided experiences. JM&A Group’s sales courses help your team members learn strategies such as word tracks, objection handling and questioning techniques to boost sales team confidence.

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Service Training

Fixed operations growth is vital for dealership profitability. With JM&A Group, your service department can learn how to grow the department, measure performance in the service drive, build accountability and communicate more effectively with customers.

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Providing automotive service training with the service advisor

Leadership Training

Investing in your leaders boosts their ability to bring out the best in your teams, and your entire dealership as a result. Leadership training sets you up for growth and ensures managers possess the interpersonal skills to bring the best out of employees.

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Leadership training with service manager

Compliance Training

Keeping your dealership in compliance with regulations is essential for profitability and overall success. It also puts you at a reduced risk of fines, legal challenges and reputation damage. With compliance course offerings across roles and departments, you can ensure consistency across your dealership teams.*

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Instructor going over f&i dealership regulations with finance manager

JM&A Group's Consulting Solutions

An investment in training is an investment in your dealership's future. Your commitment to pursuing excellence means your teams can keep delivering high-quality results, month after month. JM&A Group training is available in person and online, so no matter what your needs and preferences may be, there is a perfect option for your dealership.

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Learn more with our training growth resources

To get a more detailed look at JM&A Group's offerings, experience and results, or to sample our insights on the evolving car dealership and automotive industry as a whole, you can visit our learning library.

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Accelerate your goals with specialized dealership training

Automotive training is essential for dealerships to maximize performance and profitability. Our programs equip teams with the knowledge and skills needed to increase productivity, stay ahead of industry trends, understand changing regulations, and provide better solutions for customers. Take the first step towards achieving your goals.

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*JM&A Group cannot provide legal advice regarding regulatory requirements. Please consult your dealer counsel for specific regulatory concerns.