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Are You Trending with Top-selling Dealers?

By Amanda Pliskow | Apr 5, 2022

Last updated on Apr 13, 2023

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Everyone aspires to be better – to top their market in sales, performance and profitability. To get there takes focus, hard work and the ability to stand out among the competition.

So how do top dealerships attain that level and sustain it? We’re here to show you in our Office Hours webinar, “Are You Trending With Top-selling Dealers?” Learn how to leverage data to support your goals and find the biggest opportunities for growth.

Sales strategy and F&I experts will show you:

  • The latest industry data details hard trends to set your focus on
  • Questions you should be asking at your dealership to maximize performance
  • The importance of creating processes and how to effectively execute them
  • What industry challenges and opportunities to expect in the next year

Are you ready to rise above the noise and turn industry disruptions into differentiators? To better capitalize on every deal?


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Analyze Automotive Industry Data

The last three years have seen huge swings in F&I PVR performance in dealerships nationwide and exponential growth in the last 12-18 months.

In this webinar, we break down growth trends by region and identify the primary drivers for the remarkable F&I PVR performance of 40% increase or more achieved by top dealerships.

We’ll also share data from a study we conducted with Automotive News full of insights on consumer demands for omnichannel options in F&I. In this information-packed episode, our experts walk us through important dealership processes that need to be prioritized, including finding the right balance between key digital and human touchpoints.

Ask Important F&I Questions

Featured F&I speakers Jonathan Jordan and Mark McGoldrick use their expertise to guide you through the data-based trends facing the industry.

They understand the important questions dealers are asking:

Watch the Full Webinar On-Demand: Are You Trending with Top-selling Dealers? →

The Method to Dealership Success

From focusing on the automotive trends impacting dealers to understanding how to implement strategic changes to create growth opportunities in your dealership, we’ve got you covered when it comes to leading the pack compared to your competition. Some key insights discussed:

1. Set your focus on the latest industry trends

Sometimes it’s easier to continue doing what you’ve always been doing. It’s worked for you in the past, so why shouldn’t it continue working? Not only can this way of thinking be detrimental to marginal increases, it also can affect the way customers view your dealership. Now is the time to analyze data-based trends that are facing the industry and what challenges or opportunities to expect in this next year.

2. Ask questions to maximize performance

Following the importance of challenging and frequently looking over your process and performance metrics, it’s smart practice to always be asking questions. Do you have the right products to support your customers? Are you considering how your customers want to buy and interact with your dealership? Are your processes hindering or facilitating growth at your dealership?

3. Understand the importance of process creation and execution

Your goal as a dealer is to maximize every customer interaction to create loyalty and drive profits. Part of that process involves training your team for success and working with a provider that supports you and your unique goals. We’ll discuss the importance of creating and executing a process that flows with your growth metrics and improves successful dealings.

More Performance Strategies to Learn

We dive a lot deeper into core data from top-performing dealers nationwide that can help define your strategy. See how your performance stacks up against trend lines and get perspective on factors you may want to consider to maximize your potential, including processes and accountability in-store that can help you identify performance and paint a picture of how you may need to course correct.

Simply put, we want to help your dealership succeed. Register to watch this webinar on-demand to start evaluating your F&I performance and processes today.

Office Hours webinar episode 07: Are you trending with top-selling dealers? Watch on-demand now!