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Dealership Performance Scorecard

How does my performance stack up against other dealers? It’s a common question, but with most auto dealers not eager to publicly share details like their F&I PVR, digital retail challenges and business uncertainties, it can leave you guessing as to which specific metrics are impacting just your dealership or your competitors’ as well.

Until now.

We surveyed dealerships of all sizes and OEMs nationwide to understand performance goals, challenges and plans for growth. With that information, we layered on robust automotive industry data and saw the trends start to emerge. With this insightful and comprehensive report as your guide, you have more details than ever to set your dealership goals by.

What's Inside the Dealership Performance Scorecard:

We start with a comprehensive overview of our respondents’ baseline dealership information like average monthly sales, rooftop count, brand representation and more. Then, we dive into specific insights on core areas of growth, top challenges they are facing that impact their dealership operations and plans for the future.

Here's a peek inside


Find the full detail of core challenges inside the Dealership Performance Scorecard.

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Get data-backed recommendations to set your course for performance growth. Find all this and more inside the guide:


Key insights you need to know to make this year a success

  • Offering digital services can help boost PVR
  • Implementing online sales processes help reach multiple audiences
  • Incorporating human touchpoints is key to customer satisfaction


We take a holistic approach to F&I to help you identify specific areas of opportunity to sustain and grow your profitability. Learn more about what you can expect for the future of the automotive industry as you read the Dealership Performance Scorecard.

By leveraging this thorough look at the market, including consumer preferences, customer awareness of F&I products, omnichannel approaches to car sales, inventory impacts on PVR and a lot more, you can maximize your dealership’s potential.

The last few years have shown how rapidly our industry can shift, and as the way we do business changes, skilled dealers realize the need to find balance and adopt strategies to flex with the market to ensure a thriving dealership and increased customer satisfaction.

There are endless opportunities to evolve and experience measurable growth. As we monitor the market for what’s to come, we must all adapt to stay one step ahead. But more than that, you need to have the right tools to define your goals, and track, measure and optimize your processes to stay a dealer of choice in your market.

img-20220505-performance-scorecard-asset-blog-thumbnailHelp define your growth strategy. Read the report now!

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