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Automotive Consumer Study: A Focus on Virtual F&I

The Automotive News Research & Data Center partnered with JM&A Group to explore consumers’ perceptions of the F&I process and how Virtual F&I – using technology to complete the F&I process- might change the perception and ultimately influence the final purchasing decision and dealership loyalty.

This study of nearly 1,500 Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomer consumers across the U.S. examined:

  • Expectations of the automotive shopping experience
  • Knowledge of F&I and products and services offered
  • How they would feel about various aspects of digital retailing
  • How Virtual F&I might influence their decision to purchase a vehicle and F&I products

Inside you will also find JM&A Group recommendations on what dealers and others working in sales and marketing should consider to take most advantage of emerging technologies and consumers’ growing interest in digital retail. 

If you are interested in a virtual solution for your F&I department, this is a great place to learn the benefits and impact it has on your customers.

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