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How Does Virtual F&I Work?


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You’ll need: 

  • Computer
  • Camera/webcam
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Video conferencing app (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting, etc.)
  • Menu presentation system 

A few key differences between traditional and virtual F&I is there is no interview on the sales floor. In the JM&A process, we strongly believe that F&I Managers should meet the customer where they are most comfortable. The F&I Manager traditionally meets them at the salesperson’s desk after they agree to buy the car. During this time the manager conducts their interview and builds rapport with the customer. During the Virtual F&I process you do not have that personal connection at the salesperson’s desk so you have to build that relationship much faster and more efficiently through digital tools.Office Hours webinar episode 1: Virtual F&I - how do modern consumers want to buy? Watch on-demand now!

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