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How to Centralize your F&I Operations


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Centralized VFI can benefit more than your bottom line and customer experience. It can also increase efficiency across your entire store.

Zach Williams, Manager, Virtual F&I, and Jonathan Jordan, Director of Sales Strategy at JM&A Group, share a recent case study demonstrating the positive effects that centralized VFI can have at dealerships.* Watch them break down the “why,” “how,” and results of the work JM&A Group did with this business.

*While JM&A Group can assist you with setting up a virtual F&I process, JM&A cannot provide legal advice regarding state-specific regulatory requirements relating to the online selling process. Please consult your dealer counsel and dealer association for information on your state's regulatory requirements.

Office Hours webinar episode 6: The evolution of F&I - a centralized strategy. Watch on-demand now!

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