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Video Conferencing Tips

In this video Mark Geletka, JM&A’s Virtual F&I Supervisor walks us through some tips on how you can make the most out of delivering vehicles and F&I products remotely.

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Tip #1 -  Turnover from sales to F&I becomes more pivotal than in-person

Turnover from sales to F&I becomes more pivotal when done over the phone or with email. The reason being, F&I has a shorter amount of time to build trust and rapport with a customer to then recommend F&I products to purchase. Having the sales associate build value in the F&I process makes all the difference when trying to build rapport quickly. Replacing phrases like “F&I will finish up your deal” with phrases like “F&I will expedite your deal” changes the customer’s perception of the F&I manager and process.

Tip #2 - Getting to know the customer

Something that becomes more important in a remote setting is building a relationship and rapport with your customer. Find out how they are going to use the vehicle as this will allow you to customize the presentation and how you present the products to the customer. The more information that both you and the customer have, the easier it is to get on the same page and build up trust and a relationship between both parties. 

Tip #3 -  Use visual aids

Visual aids can make all the difference. Would you ever present projects in your office without some sort of visual aid? Most likely not. Something as simple as emailing the customer a copy of the menu or using the tools built into your menu provider to help the customer understand goes a long way. Showing the customer a visual representation of the products available not only helps communicate their value but also makes them more tangible.


The important things to remember are:

  • Focus on your customers
  • Build rapport
  • Focus on what’s in it for them (the customer)
  • Keep it positive and productive 

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