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Virtual F&I Delivery Tips


The way we are serving our customers is changing, and digital transactions are part of that new service model. Here are some best practices to keep in mind while you are selling F&I products online.

Remember that all of the compliance requirements that apply to an in-person transaction will also apply to remote transactions. Be sure to keep in mind things like red flags and the protection of customers’ personal information, just to name a few.

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  • Similar to the traditional F&I process, begin with the interview.
  • Introduce yourself, congratulate the customer on their purchase, and let them know your responsibilities.
  • Use the screen share feature to make the delivery more interactive. Tailor everything you do to your customer.
  • It’s a good idea to ask: “How long have you been shopping for a vehicle?” This can help you determine if they are an analytical or emotional buyer.
  • Some of the most common challenges on virtual F&I deliveries are: the limited amount of time to build rapport with a customer, and interacting over a webcam or phone instead of in-person. To help alleviate challenges, stay calm and personable. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable the customer will be.

Body Language

  • When delivering remote deals it is important to have your camera positioned so the customer can see your face and your body language. Stay away from lots of headspace (screen space above your head).
  • Lighting is also important. Ensure your lighting is bright and helps to improve the video picture quality.
  • Be very open and welcoming, and talk with your hands. This helps the customer visualize what you are trying to portray as if you are across the desk from them.
  • Whenever you are speaking, always put it in positive terms and use your gestures to make it compelling onscreen. For example, when introducing the interview, let them know it saves them time in the process to verify the spelling of their name and accuracy of their address. You can point to your watch, or make appropriate gestures.
  • Make sure to focus on looking at the camera, which will make it appear that you are looking directly at the customer.


  • Listening and verbal communication is paramount when remotely delivering vehicles.
  • The power of this process lies in the customer feeling they have control and are directing the process. As you guide them through, remember to reinforce the fact that they are in the “driver’s seat.”
  • When you close customers or opt for the second F&I product, make it sound more like a suggestion toward exploring additional options, rather than the more direct, hard selling close that some Finance Managers are accustomed to doing.

Tech Issues

  • If possible, quickly fix it without the customer noticing.
  • If this isn’t possible, don’t delay too long on it - this will reduce the credibility of both the remote process and yourself as an F&I Manager.
  • If the tech issue takes longer than a few minutes, call the customer via the phone to attempt moving forward or to schedule a new time.


Sample Customer Meeting Email

Setting clear expectations with your customer is important. Below is a sample email you can use to send to your customers when setting up a remote delivery over video:

Congratulations on your new vehicle!

To make your online purchase more transparent, efficient and seamless, we use a video conference to finish the rest of the transaction’s details. For the best experience, please try and have a laptop or computer equipped with a web camera available. If you don’t have access to one, feel free to use your mobile device and open or download the Zoom app using your device’s app store. The app is free to download.


Note: When installing Zoom, the app will ask if you want to allow access to the microphone and camera – select ALLOW for both.

To speed up the process, please have the following documents ready:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your insurance information
  • The registration card for your trade

If you have a co-buyer, please have their information ready as well.

Meeting Link to Join: MEETING LINK HERE

Talk to you soon!

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