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Meeting Consumer Demand Despite Low Inventory

As our industry continues to embrace and integrate digital retail tools and strategies, consumer data has more value than ever before. But what types of data should dealers be collecting and analyzing? And what should dealers be looking for in the data? More importantly, how can dealers use consumer data to inform their marketing, advertising, and sales tactics?

Peter Leto, CEO at Foundation Direct, joins our very own Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell for a candid and detailed conversation about the important role data plays in modern dealerships. Peter shares from his experience working with dealerships through Foundation Direct, as well as his previous experience at Google. Peter, Nick, and Danny break down data, marketing and advertising, and keys to digital retail success for dealerships.

Among the questions answered in this episode:

  • How can dealers meet the demand of consumers with limited inventory?
  • What can dealers do to market at the increasing speed and expectations of consumers?
  • How do dealers use data to impact the customer experience and increase through put in the store?
  • What should dealers be thinking about when they analyze consumer data?

Peter reminds us that consumer demand is at an all-time high, despite the inventory shortage – and that dealers have an unprecedented opportunity to meet consumers where they are on many platforms. All it takes is a commitment to using data to inform communications decisions.

Prior to becoming CEO of Foundation Direct, Peter Leto led retail automotive initiatives for Google for 11 years – including serving as Founder of Google’s Retail Automotive division. He continues his work in our industry through Foundation Direct, where he helps guide long-term strategies and future-proof businesses. He can be found on LinkedIn or at Foundationdirect.com.

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