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Turn Digital Interactions into Customer Engagement

By Michaela Garretson | Oct 24, 2022

Last updated on Nov 15, 2022

With the rising prevalence of online car buying and digital purchase pathways, in what ways can dealerships maximize their presence to engage consumers and turn those engagements into meaningful in-person experiences? We dig into the details and much more in this episode of The Walk Around.


Customer acquisition is a necessity for all retailers, and digital engagement is a key resource for meeting your customers where they are and understanding what drives them. For dealerships it also creates an opportunity to educate consumers on your products and position your business as a helpful advisor in the awareness and sales process. This can play a pivotal role in building knowledge and comfort for consumers in the EV buying and ownership experience.

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Knowing this, consider if your dealership is optimizing digital retail tools. There’s an exciting opportunity in today’s market to significantly improve your dealership’s technology offerings to reach more customers to drive brand awareness as well as product education.

Kevin Joostema, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Car-ED, a media and digital marketing services provider, has the insights dealers need to know on how to leverage digital touchpoints and turn them into quality in-person interactions. Speaking from years of experience in the automotive world, where he’s worked with top brands within the US, Japan/Asia and Germany, he is also the current sitting President of the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA) and has served on the board for four years.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Will autonomous driving make a comeback amidst the presence of EVs?
  • The link between emotional connections and consumer satisfaction with products
  • How will test driving change with EV sales despite the trend of buying completely online?
  • How digital retail tools can be a game-changer for acquiring customers in today’s market
  • As a journalist who gets to test drive and review various vehicles, Kevin shares what’s exciting to him in auto products technology today and more! 

For more about Kevin, visit his LinkedIn.

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