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Lessons Learned as a Female CEO in Automotive Tech

By Michaela Garretson | Jan 25, 2023

Last updated on Feb 8, 2023

Every leader in the automotive industry will want to hear this episode.  

Natalia Giner, CEO at A2Z Sync, an automotive software solution for dealers, is a 20-year veteran of the car industry. Throughout her career, she’s navigated her fair share of ups and downs, while becoming a leader in a field that is still heavily male-dominated.

With humbleness and vulnerability, she shares her experiences starting out in the industry, to where she is today. Over the past three years at A2Z Sync, she has led the team that built the A2Z platform from scratch and successfully oversaw many dealer transitions to the One-Person Sales Model. Natalia’s primary focus is creating customer-centric experiences. She demonstrates passion for product development and business consulting in her mission to help dealers modernize car buying.

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She details how A2Z Sync overcame an opportunity for better employee and customer experience within the dealership group and how that has impacted their business over the years.


In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • Leadership lessons from her first days in the industry to her current role at A2Z Sync
  • The importance of relationships and mentors in the auto industry
  • How helping dealers means adapting to their needs and creating customer-centric experiences
  • Not-to-miss advice for women entering the automotive industry
  • How the A2Z Sync platform has changed the sales process for dealers nationwide

For more about Natalia, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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