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Building a Diverse Dealership with Jorge A. Plasencia

Joining the Walk Around Podcast today is entrepreneur and civic leader Jorge A. Plasencia. He is chairman and CEO of Republica Havas, a creative media and communications agency. He provides strategic brand communications and growth counseling to fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Walmart, and Google.

From humble beginning's doing radio live remotes at car dealerships in Miami to working for The Florida Marlins alongside entrepreneurial legend Wayne Huizenga, he has seen the inside of the dealership a few times and learned first-hand how the industry works from a different perspective.

A master of multi-cultural marketing, Jorge and his team are subject matter experts in communication and reaching the people that matter most for businesses.

Jorge shares how his background and culture shaped the way he communicates brand messages to audiences of all types.

Here are a few key takeaways from the episode:

  • Great marketing starts with understanding the people in your audience. You must truly understand the consumer and what makes them tick.
  • Marketing becomes successful when you are catering to your audience and providing the content they love and need.
  • Good creative must be born on strategy. Who is your ideal customer? Who isn't your ideal customer?
  • When building a team, you need to have diversity of thought present and every type of person and customer needs to be considered. This becomes achievable when you have an inclusive and diverse team.
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