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What Dealers Should Know About Gen Z

By Michaela Garretson | Sep 6, 2023

The next generation of buyers has a lot to teach us, and we got the chance to speak with them, particularly about their thoughts on the automotive industry. In this episode we discuss how Gen Z views the car buying experience, opportunities for dealers to better reach this growing segment of their audience and more thoughts on the industry from three college students (and JM Family interns!).

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whether owning a car is important to younger generations
  • If the car buying experience is something they look forward to or dread
  • The importance of relationship building in the sales process & omnichannel platforms
  • Whether they prefer online buying or in-person and just how they are researching cars
  • What Gen Z thinks about the presence, practicality and performance of EVs

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Adam Yehya is a junior working towards a Finance major and combined degree master's program in finance at the University of Florida. He recently was an intern for the JM&A Group Business Transformation and Strategy Execution team.

Jacob Schlessel is a junior at Florida State University studying Marketing. Jacob worked as a Marketing Intern at JM&A Group this summer.

Madelyn Kelley is a junior at Florida State University studying Public Relations. This summer she worked with our parent company, JM Family Enterprises, as a Public Relations Intern. 

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