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How Dealers Can Better Leverage Their Data

By Michaela Garretson | Mar 22, 2023

How can dealers better leverage data? With more data available today than ever before, it can be overwhelming understanding just how to acquire and use that information to your customers’ and dealership’s benefit and remain compliant. This episode answers these questions along with other key advice for dealers and automotive professionals, like improving the customer experience, developing a growth mindset as a leader and infusing a human aspect into problem solving at your dealership.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How dealers can better leverage their data
  • How data helps us understand the customer experience and our employees
  • Why to incorporate a human aspect into your data and problem solving
  • Her experience as a woman entering the auto industry
  • Practical tips for leaders wanting to have a growth mindset and more!

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Deirdre Borrego joins us for International Women’s Day and Women’s History month. She’s the president and founder of DKB Advisory Services, a strategic business consulting and executive coaching firm. Her executive leadership positions span the automotive data and analytics space at J.D. Power and R.L. Polk. Deirdre was instrumental in the development of the Power Information Network – an industry standard for transaction-based data and predictive analytics that is essential for many OEMs today.


For more about Deirdre, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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