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Pursuing Successful Entrepreneurship in Automotive

By Michaela Garretson | Feb 8, 2023

Last updated on Feb 9, 2023

Dubbed by Elliot as a modern-day renaissance man, David Spisak, President and CEO of Disruptive Growth Solutions, LLC sure has the resume to prove it.

He didn’t go to college, but his desire to hustle and see results propelled him to reach success in his endeavors. David’s expertise is apparent throughout his nearly 40-year career – he’s served as a dealership operator where he achieved $29 million in annual net profit. He's created new software solutions, served on the board of multiple companies and is an advisor/consultant to dealerships and technology solution providers. David also co-founded Reverse Risk, a reporting solution that allows dealers to achieve high performance (and it later became the #1 reporting solution in the industry!).

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In this episode you’ll hear David speak on:

  • Making the leap from retail to successful entrepreneur
  • How the automotive industry is a great place for future entrepreneurs
  • Specific, actionable advice for people working to move up in the industry
  • The importance of a proper mindset in sales to avoid limitations
  • Balancing the need for face-to-face customer interactions with today’s trend towards digital retail
  • What dealers can learn from Carvana’s success

For more about David, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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