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Grow Service Drive Revenue and Retention Through Fixed Operations Consulting

Jun 12, 2024

Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

The Client

South Florida Chevrolet Store

If you have worked in a car dealership you know first-hand that customers spend a lot of time in the service drive. Whether it’s a routine service appointment or extensive repair work, having one of your customers in the store (for any reason) is a big opportunity.

By improving the convenience and experience of these interactions, you can capitalize on your Fixed Operations department to help improve the bottom line.

In one specific case, a Chevrolet store in South Florida faced challenges due to inefficient service processes and menu presentations that lacked personalization and service quality. However, through collaboration with JM&A Group’s Fixed Ops Consulting team, they worked together to drive their CSI and retention to the top of the market.

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The Challenge

This dealership encountered the challenge of remaining competitive, enhancing its sales process to prioritize customer benefits, and aligning with customer expectations. As a result, they experienced an impersonalized transactional customer experience.

The Solution

JM&A’s team performed a market pricing study to assess the dealership’s labor and parts pricing compared to local competitors. Using the study data, they reviewed and revised their DMS pricing guide. The advisor menus were also revamped to align with market pricing. A structured greeting, walk-around, and menu presentation process was also implemented successfully.

"With the support of JM&A Group’s Fixed Ops Consulting team, significant improvements were made, and processes became much more efficient." This included implementing a sales process that prioritized customer benefits and providing training to service advisors. These changes not only enhanced customer satisfaction but positively impacted the bottom line of the department and overall business.

Enhance Your Service Drive - Talk to our Experts Today!

The Outcome

After the dealership’s management team understood JM&A Group's evaluation and diagnostic, they were all in on JM&A Group providing daily coaching and emphasizing growth per repair order.

As a result, this Chevy store saw the following impacts:

  • A solid team culture was revamped in the service drive
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) sky-rocketed to the top of the market
  • Advisors grew more confident during customer presentations
  • Customer Pay Dollars per R/O increased from $390.74 to $459.76 (17.7% increase)

Once this South Florida Chevrolet store took stock of the opportunities in their service drive, they leaned into JM&A Group’s experience, and the results were clear. With hands-on training, implementing better processes, and adding convenience to their sales process they were able to come out the other side with an impactful and customer friendly operation that maximized every interaction and helped increase their customer pay dollars per repair order.

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