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Attaining Dealership Profitability Through Fixed Ops


Watch the Full Webinar On-Demand: Finding Your Path to Profitability in the  Service Drive

Profitability and loyalty are achieved in the service department through TRUST. Why do customers return to the dealership for service?

53% said it was because they TRUSTED the dealership
45% said they had a great purchase experience

Making the dealership feel like a home or safe harbor for the customer when they walk in makes an enormous impact and will likely guide them back. Do you see an opportunity to improve on any of the following?

  • Increasing customer returns for service?
  • Reducing discounts on labor?
  • Increasing effective labor rate?
  • Total departmental expense awareness?

If so, Robert Peterson, Lead Fixed Operations Consultant shares expert level tips and thought starters that can help you start building trust in your Service Drive.

Office Hours webinar 3: Finding your path to profitability in the service drive. Watch on-demand!

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