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Service Drive Success: Growing Revenue Through Effective and Efficient Processes

Jun 12, 2024

The Client

Toyota of Lincoln Park

It’s no surprise that fixed operations departments often receive less sales training than other teams. After all, most dealership operations maintain sales outside of the service drive. This setup can result in inconsistencies that may lead to potential revenue losses and missed opportunities to engage customers in the drive. It’s important for every department member at all levels to follow a standardized sales approach that aligns with the customers’ preferences and needs.

Toyota of Lincoln Park encountered difficulties in boosting dollars per customer pay repair order and sought assistance with their sales process. Knowing that there was an opportunity to improve, the leadership at the store reached out to JM&A Group to understand what could be done to boost the impact of their fixed ops department.

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The Challenge

Toyota of Lincoln Park needed a sales process that prioritized customer benefits, as service advisors lacked training and failed to provide friendly greetings. They understood that creating a more customer-centric experience in the service drive would lead to more retention and loyalty from their customers.

The Solution

After leaders at the store reached out to JM&A Group’s Fixed Ops Consulting team, a kick-off meeting was held to introduce and train advisors on a tailored write-up process for their dealership. The training featured a demonstration of the process in the drive, along with set goals. Managers were also trained to support advisors as necessary. JM&A’s process, along with the dealership’s engaged staff, worked together to create a smooth and friendly environment for increased customer retention and an overall better experience.

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The Outcome

Advisors experienced consistent, customer-focused interactions, with Assistant Service Managers setting clear expectations and holding them accountable daily. This approach, coupled with tracking advisors' processes, resulted in boosted sales and improved CSI scores.

  • Increase in Customer Pay Repair Order from $425 to $451
  • High in-store participation ranked as Excellent
  • Toyota Loyalty Engagement was ranked above Region status
  • Yearly increase by $318,115

By leveraging the power of their people alongside JM&A Group’s processes and training, Toyota of Lincoln Park proved that prioritizing a dedicated focus on Fixed Operations can create lasting impacts that would help the store see results well into the future.

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