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Peek Under the Hood - What Effective Service Processes Look Like


Watch the Full Webinar On-Demand: Finding Your Path to Profitability in the  Service Drive

Justina Davis, Assistant Vice President of Fixed Operations Consulting, breaks down some staggering statistics around Fixed Ops and what an effective and scalable service process looks like. The impacts of the service department have long lasting effects on customer loyalty.

Did you know that:

85% of customers say the service department experience impacts their likelihood to purchase
75% of a dealership’s prospect calls are for Fixed Ops
60% of Fixed Ops calls are missed opportunities resulting in no appointment
1.5x customers are more likely to use a dealerships service department if they are introduced at time of purchase

So, what do you implement an effective service process? Justina breaks down how you can start:

  • Focusing on the overall customer experience
  • Reinforce the importance of excellent communication skills
  • Ensure legal compliance in the service drive
  • Have a proven service sales process on the drive

Office Hours webinar 3: Finding your path to profitability in the service drive. Watch on-demand!

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