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Focus on Your People to Win in 2022

By Amanda Pliskow | Nov 22, 2021

Last updated on Jun 12, 2023

As a new year approaches, we start to look ahead with eyes made wise by the lightning-quick evolution of our industry. Quick pivots towards an emphasis on digital retail, a younger generation rising to the top of the consumer list, a chip shortage that won’t seem to end, and the emergence of EV’s as possibly more than a short trend, have all given our industry an opportunity to grow through challenge and opportunity.

What should dealers be looking at and aiming their businesses towards, in the new year? From the perspective of a business built to support dealers in their growth and profitability, what are some of the keys to continued success for dealerships?

Enter Frank Abate, Zone VP at JM&A Group. A seasoned automotive retail veteran, Frank has seen many trends become standards, changes that transformed the industry, and successful dealers that navigated challenges towards opportunities. He visited The Walk Around for a frank and insightful discussion about keys to dealership success. Hint: the list includes retention, prudent planning, and listening to consumers.

  • What drives a high-performance showroom?
  • How do successful dealers align people with purpose?
  • What should dealers be doing to improve customer experience?
  • How can dealers and their teams budget accordingly for 2022?
  • What are some predictions for the new year?
  • How can retail automotive talent prepare for long careers in our industry?

Frank reminds us that ups and downs happen in our industry – but successful automotive retailers persevere when they stay true to their roots but evolve with the times.

Frank Abate has enjoyed a long and successful career with JM Family. He worked alongside Founder Jim Moran three decades ago at JM Pontiac. Since then, he has continued to serve as a true partner for dealers and an expert in our industry’s keys to success. 

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