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Adapt Your Digital Marketing for Today’s Consumer

Denise Galiatsatos, President of PCG Digital, joins our very own Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell for an exclusive conversation about digital marketing, advertising, and branding on this episode of The Walk Around. As the consumer profile evolves towards a younger, more tech-savvy audience, marketing and advertising will also need to adapt. In this chat about meeting your customers online, Denise answers some of the industry’s most pressing questions:

  • How can dealers differentiate themselves in today’s digital space?
  • What impacts to brand voice have we seen in the past 18 months?
  • How can dealers balance price-driven messages and mission or culture-driven messages
  • Where is retail automotive heading – and what can dealers do to move in the direction of long-term profits?

Denise leaves us with a valuable automotive retail digital marketing tip: Facebook and Instagram advertising deliver best bang for the buck. If dealers focus on helping the new wave of consumers understand why they would want to be customers, the results could be game-changing on these platforms.

As President of PCG Digital, a full-service agency that specializes in digital automotive advertising, Denise Galiatsatos is passionate about helping dealers find their brand voice and bringing their messages to shoppers. She and her team have helped dealers maximize their ad spend and ROI on Facebook and Instagram by using social media sales funnels. Denise has also demonstrated her expertise by serving the larger community as a public speaker and educator, with international experience and keynote addresses at conferences. A published author, Denise has taken readers on a journey to understand and fully utilize the digital landscape, in her book, “Can You See Me Now?”

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