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Our Favorite Moments From the Past Year

Time really does fly. We started The Walk Around a year ago to share industry insights and introduce our Insiders to retail automotive thought leaders. Here we are, with over 30 episodes recorded and thousands of listens from all over the world. Thank you all for being part of the show – as guests, listeners, and fans.

This week, our hosts Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell celebrate one year of epic conversations by reflecting on some of our most memorable moments:

  • Jake McKenzie talks about margin compression and how to differentiate your dealership.
  • Brian Benstock explains why customers value time more than money.
  • Jason Stein breaks down how the pandemic accelerated digital retail in automotive.
  • Jesse Itzler shares how to start building your life resume.
  • Michelle DiTondo explains the importance of communication during a period of disruption.
  • TJ Prayner discusses the ways that digital retail reflects the world we live in.
  • Damon Lester emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity in automotive retail leadership.
  • Bob Lanham shines light on the differences and influence of sales vs. marketing backgrounds among dealership leaders.
  • Brian Kramer breaks down how to keep leadership and teams motivated during digital transformations.
  • Sacha Lindekens explains how to use empathy to understand customers and boost sales.

Nick and Danny share their excitement about the state of our industry, the future of retail automotive, and the varied perspectives, tools, and strategies available to dealers right now.

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