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Maximize Digital Ads with a Localized Approach

By Michaela Garretson | Jan 10, 2024

Technology enables dealers to reach their customers in a targeted and personalized way. Social media, websites and email are all important ways to market your business, but if you really want to attract and engage future customers, local listing solutions like Google and Apple Maps can significantly optimize your digital presence. Learn from an expert – and former Googler – how you can adapt your dealership to modern advertising techniques as privacy laws change, what map platforms people prefer and more ways to help you attract new customers.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The best ways for dealers to reach local consumers
  • How new privacy laws make branding more important than ever
  • How technology is helping the dealership of the future evolve
  • How auto dealers can make their presence known on consumer platforms like maps
  • Where dealers should place their bets among the increasing number of apps and platforms

Chris Lydle is CEO at dbaPlatform, a SaaS suite of tools for local advertising and listing solutions led by former Googlers. The company partners with Google, Apple and Microsoft to provide management of local placements that help business chains, agencies and brands strengthen and optimize their local presence.

Chris brings more than 25 years of digital experience at companies of all stages of growth. Before joining dbaPlatform as CEO, Chris was at Google for almost 10 years, leading go-to-market efforts across several products. He joined Google through the acquisition of RightsFlow, where he served as SVP of Sales & Marketing. At Google, he had a strong focus on retail and restaurants as Global Lead of Digital Signage and then Global Lead of Local Shopping. Before joining RightsFlow, Chris was an executive leader at four startups and a founder of one.

For more about Chris, visit his LinkedIn.

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