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Why Your Dealership Needs Marketing Technology

By Michaela Garretson | Apr 26, 2023

A great marketing strategy should be top of mind for dealers. Not only can this help your dealership attract and retain customers, but a goal-oriented process can also demonstrate brand consistency and help your dealership navigate the ever-changing market. We explore DMS and CRM systems, artificial intelligence in marketing, how upward trends of leasing impact your dealership and more in this podcast episode.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The need for cheerleaders who support and help you build your career in automotive
  • How to retain customers at your dealership
  • Protecting and maintaining your first-party data in your DMS and CRM systems
  • What your strategic partners need to have to support your dealership
  • How technology can help with personalized offerings for customers and creating loyalty
  • What dealers should be thinking about with car leasing and customer retention
  • When to rely on AI (artificial intelligence) in your marketing creation and when not to
  • If dealers don’t do this one thing, there will be no market...tune in to hear Diana’s plea to dealers 

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Full of passion and energy, Diana Lee is the CEO and Co-founder of Constellation, a global SaaS company using end-to-end enterprise marketing technology. At Constellation, she helps brands mass-automate compliant creative and streamline the regulatory approval process. Her automotive career started at the age of 18 when she saw an ad for a greeter at a local car dealership.

Over the next 34 years, she became a salesperson and then moved through positions while battling the competition as a young Asian woman. An immigrant from South Korea and mother of three, she is on a mission to create seats at the table for other talented immigrants, minorities and women. Her perseverance in sales, marketing and consulting and her desire to provide for herself are truly inspiring. Diana was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 New York.

For more about Diana, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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