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Invest in Diversity and Digital Retail to Evolve the Sales Process

By Amanda Pliskow | Nov 8, 2021

Last updated on Jun 12, 2023


Two of our industry’s most important topics for the past year have been digital retail and diversity in retail automotive. Some might see them as two separate topics, but Kerri Wise sees them as a singular call for innovation.

As VP of Marketing at AutoFi and President of Women of Color Automotive Network (WOCAN), Kerri Wise has her finger on the pulse of both topics. She recently joined The Walk Around podcast for a conversation about embracing these two types of change in our industry – and the potential advantages she sees possible, if individual dealers get on board and move the needle before disruptors and dealer groups do.

Among the questions we explore in this episode:

  • Why should dealers invest in both digital retail and talent diversity?
  • When it comes to digital retail innovation, should dealers stay on the sidelines and let someone else go first?
  • What are the risks of trying new tools or steps in the automotive retail sales process vs keeping things as they are?
  • How are digital retail and diversity similar, as opportunities for industry innovation – and what are the potential benefits of answering the call?

Kerri leaves us with a brilliant idea: digital retail is just retail. If dealers can embrace the moment and break away from old ideas, they can optimize the sales experience for their customers AND their businesses. Imagine an industry where dealers and their teams can do more because they’re leveraging data, tools, and more diversity of perspectives in their workflows.

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