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Building Your 2021 Digital Storefront

Brian Pasch gives us his two must-know tips for optimizing your online presence in 2021. These strategies will get you more traffic online to grow your sales and service revenue. If you are looking to grow your digital footprint and bring in great numbers as you head into 2021, you won’t want to miss this episode.

We also explore 3 key strategies that can change the game for your dealership: 

Local Search  

High-quality traffic generates over 50% of their phone calls and leads. If done right it is extremely low cost compared to other alternatives. It's where most of their business is and it is a way to differentiate themselves in the market in a very effective way. 


Leaning into digital video and the differences between OTT and other forms of video advertising. Telling your story through video is the most effective way to get buy-in from potential customers and stand out within the market. 

Optimizing Google My Business Page 

Creating separate Google My Business Pages for each part of the dealership (Service, Sales, etc.) This is Google's recommendation for automotive dealers to get the most out of their business listing and rank higher. 

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