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Using Empathy to Understand Your Customer & Boost Sales

We spoke to Sacha Lindekens Ph.D. Author, Leadership Development Coach and Partner at Avion Consulting. This episode is about using empathy as a selling tool.   

Sacha comes from a 20-year management development background. Prior to his current role, he got his doctorate in psychology and wanted to do something different. So, he began his work with the New York Giants football team helping them screen incoming players. This began his work in the application of psychology in the business and sports world. With 20+ years in the business he has mastered the art of working with teams, executives, and managers to develop as leaders.    

Join us as we dive into how a deeper understanding of a customer’s needs and a high level of empathy can lead your team to reach higher sales goals. It's all about putting yourself in the customer’s mind state. Salespeople, this one is for you! 

What are the most important people skills to have when in a sales role? Sacha Lindekens breaks it down.

Problem-solving is one of the highest levels of empathy you can show to someone. Ask yourself, are you solving a problem for your potential customers?
Pro Tip: Good empathy allows salespeople to identify hidden needs. Sacha breaks down the three reasons why empathy is so important in sales.

On The Walk Around Podcast we explore the intricacies of the automotive industry while giving you valuable insights and perspectives that can help you grow both professionally and personally. 

Stay tuned! We have some awesome guests joining the podcast that you don't want to miss out on! 

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