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Data, Leadership, and Opportunity in Fixed Ops

Communication and teamwork have track records of success in businesses across all industries. In retail automotive, the need for collaboration has never been greater. As technology and customer experience evolves into a faster pace with more inputs and touch points, dealerships need to move swiftly and collaboratively in order to keep up with demand. How? By innovating and creating solutions as teams.

One area of the dealership that stands to benefit from collaboration between departments is Fixed Ops. With a growing shortage of technicians and higher demand for new skills and certifications, service departments all over the country have been scrambling to find fresh talent. Warren Henry Automotive Group created a solution to this talent shortage that not only benefited their business but also created career opportunities for young people in the Miami-Dade area.

Erik Day, Chief Financial Officer of Warren Henry Automotive Group, joins The Walk Around to discuss communication, leadership development, collaboration, data, and how their business created their own technicians.

In this episode, we’ll break down:

  • How to use data to help teams become more successful
  • Keys to breaking down barriers between departments
  • Addressing fears that limit knowledge sharing and training
  • A solution to the technician shortage – and how Warren Henry created Fixed Ops opportunities

Erik also leaves us with an important bit of wisdom...about wisdom: “Knowledge is knowing the answer; Wisdom is knowing what questions to ask.”

A twenty-year veteran of the automotive industry, Erik Day has served as Chief Financial Officer of Warren Henry Automotive Group since 2005. He has led the business through growth and expansion, more than doubling revenue in his tenure. Erik started his automotive career in financial services, then OEM, then onto the retail side. His deep understanding of the vertical also includes hands-on experience with IT, programming, and database engineering. A true visionary, Erik Day also co-founded Flex Wheels, a vehicle subscription company and subsidiary of Warren Henry Automotive Group.

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