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Optimize Your Sales Process in 2022

By Amanda Pliskow | Jan 17, 2022

Last updated on May 19, 2023



Whether it’s in-store, online, or a hybrid of both approaches to sales, your dealership’s process can always use at least some level of refinement. But with so many changes in our industry and among our consumers, how do dealers create a system that works for them and their customers?

Beau Jarrett, VP at JM&A Group, joined our hosts Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell to share his insights about optimizing the sales drive and meeting the demands of an evolving consumer base. Speaking from hands-on experience, Beau broke down some of the methods and tactics that he has seen work for successful dealers. He also shared his view of 2022 – and how dealers can take steps to keep up with market and consumer trends.

A great conversation that addresses some of our industry’s most important questions:
  • How can dealers assess opportunities for improvement?
  • What are some of the trends dealers should be thinking about for 2022?
  • Are inventory challenges enabling bad habits among sales teams?
  • How can dealers navigate the challenges of in-store vs online retailing?

Beau leaves us with an important takeaway: whether it’s online or in-store, the sales process is still about people. Learning to listen – to your customers, your team, and your industry colleagues – sets you and your dealership up for continued success and prosperity.

Beau Jarrett started his career in automotive after working in customer experience in other industries. His retail automotive journey began on the sales floor and quickly moved to the finance side of the business. He has delivered results for JM&A Group and its customers for over 14 years, serving our Southeast region in various management and leadership roles. After many years and varied experiences, Beau still feels inspired by what excited him about working, in the first place: people.

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