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Why Marketing Affects All Aspects of Your Dealership


Imagine an automotive retail future in which the external perception of our industry has shifted towards heightened interest in entry-level positions, seamless customer experiences, and long-term profitability for dealers.

That is a snapshot of a future that Kyle Mountsier, Co-Founder of Contagious Auto and Host of The Contagious Podcast, is working towards. How? By helping dealers improve their operations processes, shift internal perceptions, and move our industry in the direction of longevity.

Kyle joins our very own Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell on The Walk Around, for an exclusive conversation about three of his passions: advancing automotive retail technology, shifts in people and dealer culture, and transformational marketing teams that impact all aspects of the business through their practices.

Among the topics discussed in this conversation:

  • How can dealerships change the industry through marketing?
  • What should dealers be considering, in terms of branding and technology?
  • How can an investment in internal marketing benefit the bottom line of a dealership?
  • What are some keys to a successful integration of new marketing technologies?

Kyle leaves us with a thoughtful takeaway: Creating brand loyalty is a multilayer process that requires intention, innovation, and investment on many levels. If dealers make the commitment to empowering their marketing teams with the tools and support they need, internal shifts will benefit the profitability of their businesses.

Kyle Mountsier is a twelve-year veteran of retail automotive. His career includes leadership roles in almost all departments of dealerships, but his passion for the industry has been expressed most recently through marketing and communications. A visionary with a true passion for people, technology, and all things automotive, Kyle works with dealers and dealer groups to support operational efficiencies that move the needle for their businesses and the industry at large.

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