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Digital Retail or eCommerce – what do you need?

By Michaela Garretson | Feb 22, 2023

What should dealers be thinking about when it comes to digital retail and eCommerce? Is one form of sales better than the other?

Emily Chonko, Director of eCommerce at Cox Automotive, joins the podcast to answer pressing questions on the future of car sales amidst changes over the past few years resulting from inventory levels, consumer buying habits and the pandemic.

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As a child, Emily developed a passion for motorsports through racing Quarter Midgets. She accredits this passion for ultimately leading her into a career in automotive. Since the early 2000’s, Emily has worked for Cox Automotive, initially supporting Autotrader magazine. For the past ten years, she has primarily focused on helping retailers digitize their sales process through Digital Retail and eCommerce (hear more about the benefits, but complexities of this newer endeavor in the episode!). She's also held roles in sales leadership and performance management at, Kelley Blue Book, Dealertrack and Autotrader.

In this episode you’ll hear Emily’s take on:

  • The distinction between digital retail and eCommerce
  • How eCommerce methods will require dealerships to create a different customer experience than digital retail requires
  • How dealers can begin implementing that retail process
  • Finding equity in relationships (and how that helps women in the industry!)
  • Why you should constantly network in this industry
  • How employers can promote DEI with positions that meet employee personal needs like family first policies (or flexibility needs) 

For more about Emily, visit her LinkedIn.

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