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Tips for F&I in a Digital Retail World

In this quick video, Jonathan Jordan, Sales Strategy Manager, breaks down the importance of Virtual F&I and why it should be well represented in your store and on your digital assets. With customers flocking to a more virtual process, Virtual F&I has become more prevalent than ever before.

Ease and simplicity is the name of the game. Virtual F&I achieves just that.

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Tip #1 - Make sure you have easy access to F&I product information on your website

The name of the game here is complete transparency. Digital brochures and videos are great ways to explain and build value in F&I products. Pricing should be made available and as transparent as possible. Customers should be able to see the total price as well as what it will cost monthly. If you want them to buy and trust you, providing all the information can help make that happen

Tip #2 - Customers should have an easy way to ask questions

Making yourself available and mitigating any confusion your customer may have are important things to keep in mind. Chat and text are both great tools that can help you make this happen. The more they understand, the better your chances of making a deal. Be there for your customers and it can help influence the decision-making process.

Tip #3 - Mirror your in-store process virtually

If your in-store process is a success, carry that over remotely. People can buy F&I anywhere but if you can save them time and effort through your dealership’s process, they will see the advantage in picking you. In many ways, a remote process can be more effective than traditional methods if done the right way.


If you have made it easier for a customer to buy a car outside of the dealership, make sure it is also easy to buy F&I products. It’s all about easy access, easy communication, and making it easy to buy F&I products. 

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