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What Are Car Buyers Really Saying About Virtual F&I?

Jonathan Jordan, Virtual F&I & Sales Strategy Manager at JM&A Group, knew from a young age that his career would be in automotive. Fascinated by sales and service process, he started working in dealer stores as early as college. After many years of learning, honing and sharpening his skills, he focused his attention on F&I.

When the pandemic hit, Jonathan and his team at JM&A Group were already piloting and learning from a rollout of Virtual F&I. As dealers scrambled to integrate online shopping and buying experiences for their customers, Jonathan and his team were at the ready with expertise earned through real implementation and evaluation.

Jonathan Jordan’s team believes that Virtual F&I, as well as online shopping tools, is vital to the success of dealers – both online and in stores. With hands-on experience and research to back it up, he joins Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell of The Walk Around for a chat about the reality of Virtual F&I.

Jonathan shares his knowledge by posing some important questions:

  • When it comes to shopping and buying F&I products online, what do customers want?
  • How can dealers help their customers explore and understand the options available to them, via online tools?
  • What do dealers need, in order to make the buying process work as well as it already does in-store?

Jonathan Jordan also left us with a key to success for implementing any new technology to a dealer store: having good processes in place. Dealers who focus on refinement and improving what might not seem broken will have an easier time integrating Virtual F&I into their stores.

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