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Embedded Insurance in the Automotive Industry: Saving Time for the Customer

By Dave Liston | Feb 9, 2024

Last updated on May 31, 2024

In the automotive sales industry, dealerships can face the challenge of optimizing sales and elevating the overall customer experience. However, through customized solutions that empower dealers and customers, business processes can be improved.

Below, you will find how one dealership optimized its customer experience by leveraging JM&A Group’s alliance with Polly, the leading embedded auto insurance platform, available to our dealer partners for seamless integration into the car-buying process.

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What is Embedded Insurance?

Integrates car insurance into the vehicle purchase process, offering seamless coverage, protection, and unexpected savings for customers at the point of sale.

JM&A Group’s Partnership with Polly

Understanding that insurance is a fundamental requirement, JM&A Group has proactively partnered with Polly to help dealers offer another value-added service to their customers -car insurance.

Polly provides opportunities for time and money savings that will benefit both dealers and their customers, thereby revolutionizing vehicle purchasing while enabling a sales strategy that promotes satisfaction of both parties. At the same time, the opportunity for a higher products per deal increase is made possible.

New Opportunities for Dealer Partners

So, what does this mean for the dealership? Customers could gain significant savings, enabling them to explore and invest in a wider range of F&I products and services, ultimately enhancing key performance metrics such as PVR and Products Per Deal (PPD).

This newfound ability to connect customers with insurance can increase your dealership's profitability and foster deeper customer loyalty. Obtaining insurance - a very necessary step in any car sale – is made easier for both you and your buyers.

Here’s how The Boucher Auto Group, an 18-rooftop automotive group with over 40 years in the industry, found success after implementing Polly in their sales process.


Customers could gain significant savings, enabling them to explore and invest in a wider range of F&I products and services


How has implementing Polly impacted the customer experience?

The Boucher Auto Group introduced Polly as a value-add to their customers as well as a way to stand out among surrounding dealerships. Before implementing Polly’s solution, the car buying process was delayed and more time-consuming for both parties because of the traditional hassles around auto insurance. But by telling their customers about Polly, insurance can be secured quickly while finance managers are completing other necessary paperwork or protocols.

Since introducing Polly to their customers, Vincent Partipilo, the Corporate Finance Director for the Boucher Auto Group, has noticed that “90% of the feedback we’ve gotten about Polly has been very positive.”

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How does Polly help dealership teams save time in the car buying process?

Encouraging a low-pressure approach to introducing Polly to customers unfamiliar with its benefits also helps the team at The Boucher Auto Group.


Customers aren’t as apprehensive about unknown products when a salesperson helps them understand the benefits of an embedded insurance marketplace upfront. Salespeople at Boucher simply give customers a link to Polly’s site and let the value Polly brings to the table do the rest. The simple process leads to happy customers and enhances the dealership’s reputation.

Boucher has also seen Polly adopted across all buyer segments, highlighting its ease of use for a wide- range of consumers, including those who already have insurance and are interested in the potential savings from comparing multiple insurance quotes. 
"This partnership has brought cost and time savings to customers along with a much more comfortable sales process. For finance managers, it means more time for additional tasks that drive sales and has enhanced customer experiences."
Vincent Partipilo

Reaching Dealership Success with JM&A Group

JM&A Group is committed to the success of our dealer partners. We continuously explore innovative strategies and F&I products to drive your growth and help you stay ahead of the changing dynamics of the auto industry by identifying solutions for your unique challenges and elevating your dealership’s key performance metrics to help achieve your goals.

Our alliance with Polly, offered at no cost to our dealers, exemplifies our proactive approach to finding new avenues for profitability and elevating customer experiences to help ensure your long-term success. 

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